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What is CITD?


Our Mandate

To be a catalyst for excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, and curriculum development including integration of new technologies that enhance student, staff, and faculty success.

About CITD

The Centre for Instructional Technology and Development (CITD) is a service department within SAIT's Academic Division. Our focus is supporting the schools and centres in their pursuit of SAIT's strategic priorities.

The Centre for Instructional Technology and Development offers leadership and support in three major areas:

Faculty Development

Faculty Development Services (FDS) support quality teaching at SAIT. This CITD team helps support and develop competent, confident, caring instructors by delivering foundational programs, evaluating teaching challenges, custom-designing workshops and celebrating instructor successes.

Curriculum Development

CITD's project managers, instructional designers, editors, multimedia specialists and copyright officer provide consulting services, program design, course design, and course development. These curriculum development teams work together with all of SAIT's schools in the design and development of blended, online and face-to-face curricula. Instructional designers provide recommendations that enhance materials for the learner. Curriculum editors ensure content is well-written and consistent. CITD's Copyright Officer provides education and assistance with all issues related to copyrighted materials. Multimedia specialists enhance course content with animations, interactive activities, high quality videos, and more.